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Dressing Paula


Dressingpaula is a womenswear clothing brand that creates luxurious apparel for professional women. A clothing brand like dressingpaula needs a website to sell and showcase their clothes online. To achieve that, the brand wanted something that feels professional, luxurious, simple and something that their consumers would engage in.


We were challenged to create something that is of more professional and minimalist. Due to the numerous amounts of clothing brands online, we needed to make the brand pops out somehow.


We first dived into the industry by understanding what does the consumers really want. Using that information by scouring the web looking at other leading competitor brand we figured out the key elements that we needed to be utilized in the website. Making a sitemap that we follow carefully to ensure the website look reflects the level of the clothing brand.

The design made navigation throughout the site became easier to use. With clear information to ensure the consumers understand about each single product that the brand is selling. We made it into a fully functioning eCommerce website.


Made a better and functional eCommerce website for the usage of users. A fully functional site that matches the level of their brand. Have the ability to browse, look at reviews and shop. These features proved to be more user friendly and made the client happy with the results due to the tremendous amount of profit pouring in.

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    Dressing Paula

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