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Craftiviti is the leading art craft supplier/workshop store here in Malaysia. They provide the best materials to use for art and crafts. They reached out to us to create a website to increase up their online presence and make an eCommerce feature to be able to extend themselves to an online presence.


Knowing that it is a niche market for online supply of crafts on the web, we saw a market opportunity for a craft supply store to start selling their products online. Creating a fully functional eCommerce website. We also needed to ensure the site will be an easier website to navigate through for customers, making it a more user-friendly site.


We immersed ourselves in understanding of how arts and craft digital market really is and do research on any of the competitors and industry research. Figuring the opportunities for the brand, we then gave it a clearer direction and strategy to create a fully functional crafts eCommerce website.

Creating and following a sitemap that in turn allowed us to figure the missing elements/components that is needed for the site to be a good and fully functioning website. We designed it to be more minimalistic and simpler to showcase professionality and reliability of both the website and brand.


Currently the website looks brighter, organized and aesthetically pleasing for a craft supply store’s website. Revitalized to create a fully functioning and appealing website. It is thriving in sales and the traffic has been pouring in which shows that it has been a major success for the project. Check out the full live website below:

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