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Top Malaysia Web Design Trend in 2021

Web designers are in high demands right now as the era of digitalization is taking over. There are already 1.83 billion websites on the internet, only web designers can make your website stand out amongst the many others. You’ll need one of the best web design company in Malaysia to help you with your website if you want to stand out in the local internet market, if not you would be submerged amongst the rest of the websites.

By January 2020, there are about 26.69 million internet users in Malaysia alone, imagine how many users are browsing the internet this very second. Website designs are very crucial in making this happen, with today’s technology, you can definitely make some major improvements to your website designs.

In this article, we’ll be talking about various amounts of web design that are on the rise right now in Malaysia.

1. Flat designs

It has been one of the most influential trends in web design in Malaysia in 2019 and it is still trending until now. It focuses on the simplicity and functionality of the website. Seems easy enough to make right, let’s look below at how you can make a flat design.

Buttons: Makes the information icon easily identifiable
Typography: Typography represents your content theme by using style and mood.
Forms: Allows the themes, input and any detail on the website to look more interesting.
Colours and Shapes: Matches your theme using colours and bold and bright colours.

2. Interactive Web Designs

Everyone loves an interactive website as it is very fun and easy to use. Basically, an interactive website mainly focuses on the user experience. When a website is too complex to understand, it makes users click away from it, but an interactive website uses the interaction between the website and visitors, this helps to eliminate this issue.

What can you do to turn your website interactive?

  • Integrate quizzes or polls
  • Provide a share button for social media outlets
  • Incorporate gamification and rewards on the website
3. Animated GIFs Web Designs

People do not have a long attention span. The more eye-catching and short the content is, the longer they will stay. Your website should give them this entertainment without taking too much of their time.

Usually, websites that don’t have this element will often lose the attention of their visitors. Losing their attention means that you are losing potential future customers. A GIF can help you with this. But how can a GIF help?

Furthermore, GIFs are an easy information technique. They are easily digestible for website visitors. GIFs are also considered as an easy delivery method for a complex idea. They deliver your complex ideas in a simpler form which are easily understandable. Not only that, but it is also very fun and engaging for visitors to look at.

Gifs are a source of easy information for your product. Easy to browse through and understand, making it more interesting for the visitors.

4. Accessibility of Website

Not a new trend but an important one. People who have disabilities rely on your website’s accessibility. In addition to that, web accessibility can definitely help with this issue. You cannot ignore this issue. It isn’t even hard to actually incorporate this feature.

What we are doing is just basically making the website easily accessible to everyone. All you need to do is just some simple coding and make the designs more easily accessible. This function provides an equal opportunity for everyone to use the website.

5. 3-D Illustrations

Adding this sense of 3-D realism to your website helps close the gap between the digital and real world. This design will attract a younger audience. 3-D designs are great visuals that boost up the company image and name tremendously. Not only that, but it also enhances communications and increases your brand’s presence online.

6. Organic Shapes

Organic shapes are where the shapes appear to be hand-drawn. The organic shape trend is on the rise at the moment. Why are they an attraction?

  • It contains a more humanistic relatable visual
  • It is a different shape compared to the standard shape
  • A lot more attractive, grabbing the attention of visitors
7. Broken Grid and Asymmetrical Web Design

A modern web design. The broken grid layout is very attractive as it is a new modern look. The grid will build a massive appeal for the website. By being something different, the website will look more intriguing than usual due to the creativity it presented. Establish your brand as something unique by using this design for your website.

In conclusion, to achieve major success for your brand, you need to touch up your web design. New is always better, so always remember to touch up your website once in a while. Follow up on these trends and maybe be on the lookout for future emerging trends to keep up. Hire one of the best web design agency in Malaysia by clicking here.

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